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Campsite near the Cascades du Hérisson: explore the treasures of Jura

The Tufs waterfall in the village of Les Planches-Près-Arbois, near Les Bords de Loue campsite


Set off for Arbois and take a stroll to the magnificent Saint-Just church, step inside Louis Pasteur's home or visit the Institute and Museum of Wine and Winemaking. Then go up to the source of the River Cuisance and pass through the village of Les Planches-Près-Arbois, where the Tufs waterfall begins. Just after Les Planches-Près-Arbois, but before Molain, you can also visit the Moidons caves

Dole church


Louis Pasteur was born in the town of Dole. Here is your chance to visit the former capital of Franche-Comté. Enjoy a stroll along the River Doubs or the Tanneurs Canal or go up to the historic centre of Dole, step inside the Hôtel-Dieu, the collegiate church or the basilica. You can also visit the town along the Chat Perché trail. The trail route and leaflets are available from the campsite reception.

The Cascade du Hérisson, near Les Bords de Loue campsite

Cascades du Hérisson and Lake Chalain

Along the "Lakes Route", don't miss Chalain, a real gem with turquoise reflections, between the lakes and the forest. A step or two away is a series of 31 waterfalls and cascades running through the exceptional Hérisson valley. In late 2017, the "Hérisson Valley – Plateau of 7 Lakes" site was added to the "Grands Sites de France" network.

Lake Vouglans, near Les Bords de Loue campsite

Lake Vouglans

Vouglans is 35 km long, the 3rd biggest artificial lake in France. The wooded banks lead down to a vast emerald-green expanse of water, making it a great attraction for summer visitors in search of fun in the water. Further south, the Petite Montagne features an exceptional religious heritage.

Pic de l'Aigle

Pic de l'Aigle and a view over the 4 lakes

The Pic de L’Aigle is a mountain rising to 993 m in an outstanding site overlooking the 4 Lakes Valley. From here you can enjoy a superb view over the Jura plateaux, the Vallée du Hérisson and Le Grandvaux. A viewpoint indicator at the summit shows you all the panorama at 360°.

Baume-Les-Messieurs near Les Bords de Loue campsite


Baume-Les-Messieurs is ranked as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France". It is filled with treasures and spectacular sites. A "reculée" (the end of a deep valley enclosed by cliffs), four viewpoints, a cave, a waterfall and an "imperial" abbey…

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